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Here's how it works:

The Frankly Speaking Accelerated Course is an exclusive and condensed 

4-week VIP INSIDER program 

offered by the four co-authors of "Frankly Speaking...Insider Advice (Most) Planners Won't Share with Speakers". This is YOUR CHANCE to grab hold of candid insider info not available anywhere else.

Whether you're an aspiring speaker, or you're established and want to get to the next level, these four have booked speakers with fees up to $276,000 (for one speaker - seriously!). We are ready to put you on the fast track and help you catapult your success. We've got all the planner secrets to help you get more bookings.

If you want to land more speaking gigs at higher fees AND get more referrals (and you have no time to waste!), then...

What's Included:


One-on-one Coaching with One of Us! What are YOUR specific challenges and opportunities? We can review your website, video, branding, or focus on whatever you like. Let's talk so we can help you ACE your next level. 

Value = $500


Live Group Coaching Video Calls Once a week, join fellow members on live ZOOM video calls where we do a DEEP DIVE into different critical topics. Can't join live? All calls will be recorded and archived for 90 days. Let's get your specific questions answered, so you can book more business.

Value = 4 x $250 = $1000


Video Interviews with Outside Experts We interview speaker bureaus and other planners to answer top questions. All interviews will be recorded and available to you for a full 90 days after your 4-week program ends. Why settle for input from just four planners when you can have MORE?! 

Value = 4 x $75 = $300


A Private Facebook Group Just For Members Here is where you can check in, post questions, give and get support from fellow speakers and from us. Your one-stop-shop for everything about the course. You'll have access to this community for a full 90 days after your 4-week program ends.

Value = $300


Exclusive Member Discounts As planners, we have lots of supplier relationships that we have leveraged to offer you special pricing on things speakers need: Video editing, social media management, website development, website SEO and backup, virtual assistants, writers, and more.

Value = Save a ton!


A Step-by-Step Prospecting Process PLUS Proposal Templates & Email Scripts! If you're curious what planners prefer for prospecting, proposals and session descriptions, we've got you covered with killer templates you can adopt and modify to fit your needs. You'll get sample email scripts to nail those uber-important first impressions with decision-makers.

Value = Priceless!

Total Value of Course = $5k-$10k Your Investment = $1997 Early Bird Pricing = $1497* 

*Early Bird Pricing ends in...



Seriously...don't pay gobs of money to hear from "experts" who've never hired a speaker!  

Learn from the very people who plan the conferences and control the purse strings...PLANNERS! 

About the Planners/Authors

Maralynn and her pup

Maralynn Adams, CMP, was a corporate planner for 13 years, before foundng her own company, The Corporate Event Group LLC, 10 years ago. In her spare time (haha) she's a badass independent film maker.

Tracey Smith, CMP, CMM, was a corporate and association planner for 25 years, with a stint working at a Speakers Bureau. Today, she's the Executive Director for the world's largest association of senior-level meeting planners (

A very smart cookie

Shawna Suckow, CMP, SFP, is a recovering 20-year planner who has been speaking professionally now for 7 years. She just applied for her CSP! Look for her on stage at Influence 2019 if she gets accepted!

Happy Speaker
A petite flower of a planner

Bonni Scepkowski, SFP, has been a planner for 30 years, with 18 of those years at the helm of her own company, Stellar Meetings and Events. When not planning, she enjoys naps and cake.



Ready to level up in 2019?

Need More Convincing? Read these FAQs.

What types of topics will be covered?

We'll follow a similar format to the book, with the early days of the course focused on GETTING THE GIG. We'll cover things like:  

  • Finding Your Niche & Differentiating Yourself – truly stand out from the noise and the crowd. How to get noticed by planners. 
  • Setting Your Fee – getting the fee you deserve 
  • Speakers Bureaus – Hear from the bureaus themselves – how to get noticed and get booked  
  • Being Findable in the Right Way – what’s that ‘X Factor’ that makes you stand out? The one thing you should never do with your book. 
  • Being Likeable – Discover how to be memorable for more bookings and referrals 
  • Smart Questions to Ask – Eliminate the awkwardness when talking fees, set yourself apart from the rest.
  • Getting Planners to Respond – Shawna's 5-step process to get planners to sit up, take notice and respond!
  • What to Say When We Do Connect – Scripted questions and responses to establish rapport, negotiate, and close the sale with confidence, and at a higher fee. 

Then, we'll move on to best practices AT THE GIG, to ensure that you build the relationships that get referrals. 

  • On Site – Discover what every planner wishes you knew about on-site behavior. The one thing you should never do, that will get you black-balled. 
  • Extra Stuff You Can Do to Add Value – Learn what will impress planners and make them grateful – which leads to repeat business and referrals.  

Then later in the course, we'll move on to focus on AFTER THE GIG:

  • Following Up After the Gig – Learn the secrets to impress (and not annoy), leverage your knowledge, and get referrals 
  • Getting Rehired by a Planner – The mistake most speakers make, preventing them from getting rehired
  • Getting Referrals – How to get endorsed by planners, and evangelize you to other planners 
  • Testimonials – Getting the perfect testimonials that will resonate with future prospects.  

What if I miss a group call or video interview? Fret not, my friend, all will be recorded and archived for a full 90 days AFTER our 4 weeks come to an end. You'll have access to every video, group coaching call, and discussion for three months after the course ends. 

Is there money-back guarantee? If you complete the course - participate in all coaching, watch all videos and do all homework, and you still don't feel like you've gotten value, we'll refund your money. 

Still not convinced? Holy Hannah, you're a tough cookie! Seriously, this is going to be amazing, and it's a fraction of the cost of SEVERAL courses taught by "experts" out there. Learn from the people who actually plan the meetings and control the purse strings, my friend! C'mon, don't miss out! 

Email us if you still have questions!

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